About Us

Team Go is a group that was brought together through what was initially random Pokemon Go gameplay. As months went on, we found new ways to interact, both in-game and out-game. With Niantic's ongoing push to connect Pokemon Go gameplay with physical activity and community activity, we have decided to become a local force to promote community activity and community activism with Pokemon Go as our foundation.

Being in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County, our Pokemon Go playership is with the San Fernando Valley Pogo group. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out: www.sfvpogo.com (the website offers Discord access to SFV Pogo).

We are not (yet) a 501(c)3 charity, so when we do fundraising, we will endeavor to direct donors to write their checks to target charities. On occasions where we collect cash or items for causes, we will deploy procedure and transparency to assure that 100% of donations reach their target.

Team Go will likely grow and change over the time, but these are its first three members:

Team founder: Spaceman (Rit Lu)
I hail from a background of study in psychology, followed later by business.
For some time, I have been pondering a platform from which to do more for my community, and perhaps the world. Pokemon Go and Team Go are my opportunity for such.
My Pokemon Go gameplay can be described as dedicated, yet practical. I appeciate the resource-management aspect of the game, so that I can advance and pick up resources without spending money. On the other hand, I do think that the game deserves our financial patronage! On our youtube channel, you can expect me to come from both a vantage point of optimizing our financial spending on the game as well as our stardust usage! When evolving pokemon, I will only slightly bias high-IVs, but will seek a balance in using my resources. As I only have a few lucky eggs at one moment, I make sure to think through whether the amount XP boost is worth it before doing so!
Techology guru: Kite (Krieket)
When I'm not busy working or taking care of my family, I like to play games and tinker with gadgets. Spaceman thinks I'm the "MacGuyver" of our group.
He Really Loves the Heracross: Warren
I've been playing Pokemon since its gameboy release. Can you guess what my favorite pokemon is?